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            Strategic Partners

            Strategic Partners Car Relay

            Nanjing Hongcheng electrical appliance

                    Nanjing Hongcheng Electric Co., Ltd.

            is a modern manufacturing enterprise invested by Wenzhou Hongqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. in Nanjing. The registered capital is 20 million yuan, the fixed assets are 78 million yuan, the land area is 79,343 square meters, and the total investment is 200 million yuan. The company started production and operation in June 2007. It has the most advanced machinery and equipment in the world and has high-precision mold design and manufacturing capabilities. It is a high-speed growth company specializing in the development and production of automotive connectors with annual sales of 100 million yuan. enterprise.

                    The company has more than 150 employees, and engineers, technicians and professional R&D personnel account for 40% of the total number of employees. We have a strong and efficient workforce. Management personnel, design and development personnel, technical and technical personnel, and administrative and civilian personnel all have college education. Rapid development and efficient design are one of the highlights of the company. The company invests 20% of its annual profits in research and development for new product development and technology introduction.

                    Adhering to the core values of Chairman Zhou Hongcheng's “Respect for Customers, Achievement of Talents, Pursuit of Quality, and Innovativeness”, Hongcheng people always pursue “quality for the soul, innovation for the first, continuous improvement” from product development and design to delivery services. The business scope covers most large and medium-sized cities across the country, and has established business relationships with China FAW, Changan Automobile, Hafei Automobile, Shanghai GM Wuling, Changhe Automobile and other companies. Accumulatively developed nearly 1000 kinds of terminal/sheath products, and repeatedly won praise from customers. In April 2009, the company passed the ISO/TS16949 system certification, and constantly strives to improve product development capabilities, and complete production services in accordance with customer requirements; to achieve zero defects, establish the Hongcheng electrical appliance brand in the same industry.

                    With its strong technical strength, advanced production and management philosophy, and people-oriented human resource management policy, the company has continuously gathered a large number of excellent management and technical talents. This is a powerful guarantee for our company to continue to develop in the fierce market competition. Nanjing Hongcheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which is constantly developing and growing, sincerely welcomes people with lofty ideals to join us and achieve a better future together.

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