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            Strategic Partners

            Strategic Partners Car Relay

            Wenzhou Hong Qiang Industrial Co., Ltd.

                     Wenzhou Hongqiang Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is located at the south of the beautiful Yandang Mountain--Hongqiao town, With a registered capital of 1 5 millions RMB and a fixed asset of 40 millions RMB, subsidiary Nanjing Hongcheng Electrical Co., Ltd., With a registered capital of 36. 8 millions RMB and a invested sum of 0. 2 billions RMB, which · covers more than 120 mu (80040 square meters). Building area of 50000m2, is located at the Nanjing City--Which is the beauty spot of Yuhua Zone.

                     The main products are various connectors with used for automobile, hardware terminal, automobile electronic, and design and manufacture mould for customers.

                     Our company passed the ISO/TS16949 certification system in 2008, and passed the exchange certification in 2012.Our company has 500 members, precision plastic machine 86 sets, high speed punching machine 32 sets, mould

            manufacture and numerical control machine more than 80 sets, and have a professional test equipment and laboratory, equipment capital reach of 38 millions RMB. year output : connector 3000 millions pcs, terminal 300 millions pcs, fuse box 4 millions pcs.

                     Thanks to that, by far it has established friendly and long-term cooperation with most automobile manufa cturers, such as FAW (First Automobile Works), Chongqing Chang'an, Changhe, Haima, Chery, etc. cooperation with wiring harness manufa cturer reach more than 70. The products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle industry. In recent years, actively expand foreign operations, has become a qualified supplier of the U. S. A. of DELPHI company, Since 2008, it began to work with JST in Japan to jointly develop new molds and by far some new products have been successfully brought out to the market thanks to their work.Adherin to the idea of service customers, quality paramountcy, agelong management and the quality policy of"Zero-default delivery, No-end service, All-hands participation, and Improving to creation", Constantly improve the managementsystem, strengthen organization function, enhance the company's competitiveness and create the company, customers,employees, shareholders and suppliers of the win, And to effort for social responsibility and environmental protection.

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